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    The Air Guy provides fast & reliable air conditioning services in the city of Hurst. We always strive to win the trust of our clients because we know the power of a good recommendation. Over time, we have built on our skills and service delivery, ensuring client needs are catered to as soon as they ask for assistance.

    Since the early 90's, Hurst has grown steadily to become a sprawling market full of new technologies and companies that sprout every day. With this growth comes the demand for services from qualified professionals. The Air Guy has excelled as one of the best air conditioning service providers in the great city of Hurst.


    When the air conditioning breaks down abruptly, the house can be unbearable to stay in due to extreme cold or heat. Unfortunately, the HVAC system is not build to last forever; sooner or later it will need repair and eventually, replacement. The technology used by manufacturers now is way better than what was the mainstay 6 years ago. The systems are much more efficient and perform a better job at lower costs. We have the experts who can install different systems from different manufacturers.

    Our services:

    Our company provides all air conditioning services for both commercial and residential clients. Our motive is to make sure all your heating and cooling problems are dealt with as soon as they are spotted. Our expertise covers all bases when it comes to HVAC repair, maintenance and installation. We have a highly proficient staff that deals with;

    • Furnace/Heater Repair
    • Furnace/Heater Replacement & Installation
    • Air Conditioning Repair
    • Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement
    • Regular Furnace & AC Maintenance
    • Duct Repair
    • Attic Insulation

    Our client base spans the DFW area. As such, our clients in Hurst can always ask for assistance whenever they find themselves with a broken air conditioner or heater.  Therefore, if the air conditioner suddenly leaves you in the cold on a winter night, you can relax and wait for us to come to the rescue. Just give us a callas (214) 601-1758 or submit a request via our convenient form here on the site and someone will reach out to you just as soon as possible.

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