• Duct Repair Services

  • An HVAC system that works at optimum efficiency is one of the comforts that make the home a comfortable place to be. Contaminants, time, poor initial installation, and rodents can all cause problems that will reduce its efficiency and call for repairs. Every home  is bound to experience some problems with the ductwork regardless of the materials used. This is where we come in. Our work is to make sure that such inconveniences don’t make it unbearable for clients to stay in their own homes. We offer exemplary repair work on your ducts and make sure that everything is functioning like it should. The simple services that The Air Guy offers will save you money because even a small crack in the HVAC system can cause the bills to shoot up.

    So regardless of whether you live in Irving, Fort Worth, or any of the surrounding areas, call us today for all your duct repair needs.

    The services we offer

    Our competent workmanship is geared towards keeping the home in its proper condition while saving you money. Here’s what it’s all about.

    Duct Sealing / Leaks Fixed

    Having properly sealed air ducts in vital to your air conditioning system working at peak efficiency. Leaks can develop over time due to age, damage caused by rodents, or contaminant buildup. Our duct repair specialists will inspect all your duct work to insure it is properly sealed insuring your system is working and blowing where it should be.

    Duct Insulation

    Insulation is important for efficiency. If the system is not well insulated, then it is forced to work for longer ,which is too costly. Heat gain in the summer and heat loss in winter are the main reasons why insulation should be a concern in any home. You will notice that the temperatures in some rooms become higher or lower even though the duct system supposedly works fine. We will help you insulate all the duct work in your house, even in unconditioned areas. We use superior materials to get rid of such problems for the long haul.

    Hot and Cold Spots Addressed

    If you notice some rooms in your house are hotter or colder than others, that could be a sign of pinched or leaking ducts.

    Wrong Size Ducts Corrected

    Mistakes happen. If whoever installed the duct work that is currently in your house didn't perform the required Manaul D calculations for your specific home and AC system, you may well have ducts that are of the incorrect size. Ducts that are not of the proper size may be putting undue stress on your system as well as the joints and seals where they connect to your system.

    Here at The Air Guy, our goal is to help people get the little comforts back into their homes. How do you know you have the right HVAC contractor in The Air Guy? Our work ethic and professional services speak for themselves. We offer a 100% guarantee on our services and will make certain your services are performed to your satisfaction.

    If you would like some repairs carried out, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer affordable rates because our main goal is to help our clients save money. With us, you can rest assured that you got the best to get the job done. Our Irving and Fort Worth locations allow us to serve these and all areas in between quickly and efficiently so call us today.

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