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    Upgrading your home’s attic insulation is among the finest home improvement projects that you can do to add value to your home, make your household more comfortable and save you money in the long haul. If your attic isn’t insulated properly, or if its attic insulation levels are very low, your HVAC system is forced to work harder to make your house as bearable as you would wish. Consequently, your energy bills soar and the cost of maintaining your home becomes burdensome in the long term.

    Here in Texas it's critical to have the proper insulation during the Summer months. Give us a call today at either our Irving or Fort Worth location and our technicians can help make the Summer months just a bit more bearable.

    Signs of insufficient attic insulation

    · Increasingly high heating fuel bills and / or high electric bills 

    · Noticeable attic floor trusses above or between current attic insulation

    · Attic insulation levels of less than 10 inches

    · Bare attic duct work above the insulation coating

    · Rooms directly under the attic become exceedingly cold or exceedingly hot during the summer or winter, yet other areas of the home remain comfortable.

    · There are cold drafts in parts of the home during winter.

    Many homes have only 9 inches of attic insulation, which yields a resistance value (R-value) of about R-19 in areas that the United States Department of Energy recommends 16 inches, which is about R-60. With the proper type as well as appropriate attic insulation levels, there would be minimal air-leak levels between your household and the attic. Although there may be more actions that you ought to take to ensure that your home has achieved optimal energy efficiency, it actually starts with ensuring proper insulation to your attic.

    Benefits of an attic insulation upgrade

    · Upgrading your attic insulation with blown in insulation can cut down your spending on heating and cooling by anything between 10 and 50 percent according to the Department Of Energy. 

    · It restores comfort and coziness to the quarters that become exceedingly cold or exceedingly hot during the summer or very cold during winter. 

    · You undertake attic insulation improvement once and you’re done because it won’t wear out or need maintenance.

    · Enhances the green value of your home.

    The Air Guy is the premier attic insulation services provider in Irving and the rest of Texas. The company has specially trained experts of attic insulation, home energy efficiency specialists as well as home weatherization specialists who are dedicated and ready to undertake any attic insulation repair to ensure optimal energy efficiency. 

    The Air Guy attic insulation services include:

    · Attic insulation inspection free while we're out for any service, repair, or installation.

    · Expert attic insulation installation by in-house, highly trained HVAC specialists.

    · Complete house energy assessments to establish other opportunities for energy saving.

    · Provision and use of the best air sealing and insulation materials.

    · Provision of various attic insulation options such as fiberglass and cellulose.

    The Air Guy team of home insulation experts is focused on lowering the heat loss experienced by your home when it’s not insulated to its optimal level. If you need any repairs or if you feel that something can be done to your make your home healthier, more energy efficient and more affordable, contact The Air Guy. We promise to provide attic insulation service that will give you the guarantee that your money won't be squandered on energy bills. Give us a call at either of our convenient Fort Worth or Irving locations and we'll handle the rest.

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